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Open letter to inventors



Not communicate and hide facts is a crime against humanity and a crime against life...





Open letter to inventors





This letter is intended to those who already invented and those who are about to invent.

Its goal is to prepare you to what you should expect.


It’s also a letter to those who would like to know what is to be expected from our civilization.


Before all be sure that invent is neither an easy process nor is it given to anybody though one try to persuade you of the contrary.


Innovative people are those who made our world thanks to their assiduous work but also because they fought against established ideas, the human silliness and often by taking risks for their life.


This remains actual and you should know it before embracing an adventure which might cost you.


As an example we should remember Galileo which was in danger of being burned alive, just because he got the courage to tell the truth. But closer to us we could spoke from all those, numerous and anonymous, who faced ruin and destruction at the hand of the existing system and who end up with death.


Nobody will ever speak about them, though they are thousands. I must warn you, for if they are often considered as strange, funny or paranoid some people know how to make profit of them. If some believe that they are paranoid it is not only because of famous movies such as “Return to the future” featuring Doctor Brown and his machine to wind up time; it is because they are paranoid, and following my own experience, they are right to be so!


Let me introduce myself to you. I am Mister Jean-Luc Quéré, a French citizen, and a biotechnologist. I have privately developed various revolutionary technologies. Some of them have not been patented because I have no willingness to patent them. I will later explain myself on this issue.


If my inventions remained private it is because they are getting beyond current knowledge.


Like those, who at the beginning of the twentieth century, thought they could fly I have only received mockeries and stupid comments up to the negation of my work, without justification.


Obviously I have not got any support but a lot of traps. It is to believe that my possible success to develop something which was impossible was considered as a hindrance for many people.

They then decided to eliminate me.


Human beings are sometimes desperately stupid, there is nothing to do about it. The human being silliness is equivalent to our own potential…..infinite.


Whatever the difficulties encountered I have developed technologies allowing the treatment of carbon dioxide while transforming it into a raw material producing energy.


Owing to the global warming, it is hard to believe it , but it is true! 


The self proclaimed “specialists” ,owing to their silliness, will tell you that it is not possible; like before when they would have burned Galileo to claim that the earth was flat like their own intelligence.


Do not laugh please, it is not ironical, it is the truth. For quite a long time now I do not want to laugh.


I have developed this technology alone, against all odds. Proud of this accomplishment I wanted to have my rights recognized.


Like any other inventor I have queried on how to have my discovery being protected. I ended up dealing with a state agency called the INPI which stands for the Industrial Property National Institute.


At the institute, civil servants told me that I should deposit a patent to have my rights being recognized. Not having the funds available, I asked a private society to help me finance the patent deposit.


This society, though located in public offices was in fact an empty shell, composed of crooks that filled their pockets on my back and the one of other victims. We are dealing here about abuse of trust, fraudulent practice, blackmail, intimidation, threat of kidnapping, torture and death.


There is no reason to be paranoid, indeed!  


In France, the country of human rights, please. This is not very encouraging for the rest of the world !


But this is not the most important, for crooks of this kind, using sordid practices to ruin and spoil inventors are many.


The true problem is that this kind of individual makes a profit of what I though for a long time was a failure of the judiciary system together with the system supposed to protect industrial property.


The truth is even worst, the industrial property system is indeed made to ruin inventors and force them to be associated with a third party.


Still worst, once inventors are trapped, the patent system is a very efficient tool to spoil them and turn them into vulnerable people subject to breaches of human rights.


Worst also are the laws, contrary to the constitution, which have been passed in France to facilitate such criminal acts and protect those who are behind these crimes.


These are not words in the air, but authenticable facts!

If you do not believe me, let me explain it to you.


In 2005, I signed an association contract with a French company called Segitech.


Few times later, a patent was deposited by the expert cabinet Breese-Derambure- Majerowitz.


According to the contract, depositors should have been myself and Segitech. (as stated in the letter, from the expert cabinet, dated 01 of March 2005)


Actually, the patent was established, bearing different depositors’names, hardly a month after the correspondence from the industrial property counsel.


New depositors were, myself, the society Brevets et Associés and a Spanish registered society named Finercor.


Two other bodies completely unknown to me and coming out of nowhere.


This is of the utmost  importance,  for it is a characterized breach of the initial contract and, in addition,  a way to avoid any possible prosecution.


It is only later that I was made aware that Mr Garnier, the Finercor’s manager, benefited outrageously from this illegal transfer.     


This is a serious breech of contract and a technique to escape judicial prosecution.


Pursue a judicial process in France will result in further ruin for me.


What is important to underline at this point is that the expert in industrial property abused his position to deposit, at the request of crooks, a patent on behalf of a society which had no legal rights upon my invention.


Worst is that the INPI agreed on this, legalizing de facto a spoil without any check, whatsoever.


Here we speak about a clear case of spoil, fraud, abuse of trust from people able to sell anything, with the seriousness of well established institutions.


From this very moment there were two solutions.


The first one, to work at my own expenses without compensation - a form of modern slavery.


The second one, to agree to lose the patent.


The INPI not feeling responsible of this situation, I was then force to engage into a judicial process, at my own expenses.


The whole process would at least take a decade during which the crooks would have been given time to abandon the patent procedure which would have costed me an awful amount of money.

Very likely, some dozens or hundreds of thousands Euros.


If something similar happens to you, do not insist. You have lost and should think to start a new life.


Myself in front of the global warming and its associated risks I have preferred to persevere.


I will not bother you further with all the hiccups to go back to what follows.


One year later an unscrupulous person called  Mr Jean Garnier, flanked by a new industrial property expert, came back with a co-property contract which reduced my rights, his own  obligations and moreover contained a so called “tonting”1.


A clause stipulated that in case of my death, my heirs would lose their rights to the benefit of the crooks. Signing this document was equivalent to sign my death arrest.


I formally refused and the expert did not hesitate a minute to resort to blackmail.


I had to sign otherwise the patent would end up in the garbage can for he would refuse to finance the national patent deposit.


I like our planet but not to the point to die for it.  The clause expressed by the crooks was all too clear.


On year after this episode during which I fought desperately without succumbing to blackmail while obtaining  partial consideration, the crooks put some cards on the table.


They did it  owing to the economic potential of my invention which is estimated at  more than 60 billions Euros for Europe only, without the energy project.


Mr Garnier the representative of Finercor had sold, without my agreement, parts of the patent to third parties for an amount equivalent to 125.000 Euros.


He was indeed acting like a spare parts seller when I was myself trying to save the planet from the carbon sterilization.


Under strong constraint, a co-property contract was signed.


This new contract, like the initial one was not respected.


Being already ruined I decided then to stop working at my own expenses unless they decide to respect their engagements.


Sincerely believing that I had reached the bottom I discovered thru a mail that another expert, Mister Roland Nithardt had also cheated me, depositing a new European patent without giving me any information.


It was a new case of abuse of trust, fraud and spoil . What I call a White Collar Organized Crime.

Unfortunately for them the technology I developed is far more complicated than expected.

Very quickly, they discovered, while trying to sell it to Total or AirLiquide that they were very far away from mastering it, despite the recruitment of experts and consulting people from the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research).


Without my presence and knowledge they were nothing.


They only got a patent without any possibility to exploit it, but the very possibility to pressure me and paralyse my invention.


That’s what they did!


The OEB (Office Européen des Brevets), the European Patent Office reprimanded them thru a five page document containing several recall to the article 84CBE.


The latter clearly stipulates that the patent deposit should clearly spell out all characteristics of the invention


I was partially made aware of this detail only eight days after their odious blackmail. I either  agreed to fill the gaps or the patent was to be discarded. Eight days to reassemble the missing parts was equivalent to making a miracle. 


https://register.epoline.org/espacenet/application?documentId=ENMWPI2F5097FI4&number=EP08000083&lng=en )


Let’s make a short stop on the article 84CBE. It clearly exists to make sure that all the secrets of the inventor can not escape to “men of the art” who would replicate the invention.


What is its goal, tell me?


Simply, to get rid of the inventor. Indeed, when you have released everything why to pay the inventor for his work ?


In my case, the expert Mister Nithardt, abused me to deposit a patent. However, without my knowledge and my help, he failed!


The European Patent Office recalled him about the article 84 CBE which does not authorize the deposit of a patent which would spoil the inventor.


Finally, the European Patent Office, unwilling to respect its own rules and the terms of the article 84CBE, validated the scam and cashed money.


I do not want here to add more weight to all what I already suffered. I prefer to come straight to what irritates me most:


- the abuse committed by the industrial property expert Mister Nihardt,


- the position of the European Patent Office which covered a criminal act.


Mister Nihardt participated actively to blackmail and intimidation. He dissimulated his acts with the help of /or in abusing industrial protection bodies in Europe, the United States, Australia and Canada.


He still refuses, today, to provide me with a single piece of document.


The European Patent Office as well as the INPI has both refused to provide me with a single element, hiding themselves behind a secret clause which forbids, during 18 months, the providing of a document or parts of it to foreign persons.


Cynically enough I am considered as a foreign person with regard to my own invention.


Particularly chocked by the attitude of the expert Mister Nihardt I decided to contact the CNCPI, the Industrial Protection Counselling National Company in order to raise the issue.

After several month during which I literally harassed them, Mister François Pochart, its acting secretary, responded to me via a mail dated 18 September 2009.


Here is the content of the mail.


« Mister Quéré,

Our confrere has deposited a patent request following the instructions of his client. I do not think that it is possible for a counselling body to verify whether the request is fraudulent or not. To say that our confrere has deposited a patent without your consent is not the reality. Our confrere has acted authoritatively at the request of the depositor”end of quote


One can notice the cynics of Mister Pochart who was perfectly aware that his confrere Mr Nihardt knew the fraudulent aspect of his client’s request.


In order to be on the safe side Mr Nihardt requested a payment in advance to prevent what happened to his predecessors who were not paid.


Mr Nihardt himself is the one who abused the inventor, not his client. Mister Nihardt is the one who billed his client for the time spent studying the documents.


He recognized it, in writing, stating that he did it without my help.


Mister Nihardt is still the one who filled the documents deposited before the European Patent Office, while dissimulating some elements. It is more subtle than a faked document but, morally and legally, it is similarly arguable.


Mister Nihardt is always  the one who resorted to blackmail to force me to sign the documents used to deposit the patent in the United States, without translation and justification other than “ sign or you may lose everything!”


I would like to come back to the content of Mister Pochart’s letter.


This is the cause of a deep resentment and indignation to me. Indeed, it means that experts in industrial property are no less than mercenaries.


They can inter alia abuse, spoil, blackmail inventors and retrench themselves behind the fact that they are only executive bodies. I do what I am told to do and I am not responsible.


What a slap in your face!


This was confirmed, not precisely with those words, by Mister Dearambure Christian, the CNPI president who supported the wordings of Mister Pochart.


If a man paid to kill was using the same ethical rule, he could come to your residence, kill your and your relatives, sit in your sofa while drinking your best whisky and wait for the police to come.


Once the police there, he could simply say that he was paid to kill without being responsible.


He could then leave undisturbed.


These experts are cashing between two and three hundred Euros an hour, but they are not responsible. It is very highly paid for having no responsibility!


Personally I found all this purely cynical. After years of constraints, abuses of all kinds, life threats I might not be truly objective, I do recognize.


The first reaction I had was to inform all inventors, as quickly as possible, about the nuisance potential of industrial property experts. I do consider my action as a moral and civic deed.


Mister Derambure Christian, the CNPI president after a strong support, by mail, to his secretary, which triggered a correct but outraged response from my side, specified to me,

Quote: “my previous e-mail, as well as this one, are strictly for you and for eyes only. They are not supposed to go public” end of quote.


Make use of confidentiality is a very practical weapon to hide crimes.


Except that in relation with industrial property, confidentiality bears on terms between the one ordering and  the executive person, not the contrary.


Moreover, none of them work on my behalf.


This is neither more nor less than a new attempt to gain a dominating position and to dissimulate to the inventors the potential nuisance of industrial property experts.


Now, if these crooks want to engage a legal procedure against me for I said the truth after being ruined and having nothing to lose; that is fine, let’s them do it.


Nobody is supposed to accept rules that crooks have put into place to act against you.


This is a civic deed which goes beyond laws of any nation.


Laws that we should not have forgotten, after the tragic consequences of the Nazi era.


Refuse to obey rules or laws based on injustice is a civic right, it is a moral deed and  beyond all consideration,  it is a human deed.


But the scandal behind the exchange of mail together with the CNPI does not stop there.


After I started denouncing Mister Nihardt’s procedures, the latter in an attempt to intimidate me vowed to engage into a legal process.

Under which pretext, I still wonder. Is it because of defaming ?


I would like to recall that, if defamation is considered a serious matter, denouncing wrong practices is a deed to pre-empt criminals to act.


Despite his threats he did nothing. In front of a court the proof I detained could have been very embarrassing for his image and a serious blow to its renown.


What to do then in front of a person who is not afraid of threats and intimidation?


Kill me?


That’s what my associates thought. In the co-property contact they tried to force me to sign in 2006, the clause in relation with death is quite explicit.


In addition, MM Protain and Garnier in the office of Mister Rouzé, in 2007, proposed me to subscribe a life insurance with themselves as the only beneficiaries.


I strongly refused. If I had  signed, these crooks would not have hesitated, a single minute, to get rid of me.


Turn myself into a paranoid telling nonsense? 


This is obviously easier, taking into consideration that many people have the tendency to consider researchers as people disconnected from realities, a bit foolish and extravagant.


It was even easier due to the fact that after all these years of constraints my reactions were, at times, not very credible.


Even when you are victimized you should keep your self control. I am very sorry I can not accept the hypocrisy.


I speak correctly when I am addressing correct persons; I speak badly when dealing with bad persons.


One close friend was used to say a cat’s hair is a cat’s hair; an ass hair is an ass hair. It is not very elegant I agree, but straight to the point!


Now, to say or pretend that a researcher is a paranoid that is one point of view, to write it means crossing a barrier called defamation, and it is punishable by law.


I am neither a paranoid nor a fool and I got proofs of their wrong doings.


They can not prevent me from denouncing their criminal acts by legal actions.


First of all because they fear a public proceeding and secondly because of the proofs that I got.


As 90% of their clients are independent researchers a legal action could have far reaching consequences for them and the profession in general.


Mister Derambure is well aware of the risks, as stated in the following document,  received after the exchange of correspondence on 18 September 2009.


QuoteI do invite you to refrain from critics towards the CNPI, specifically towards the board of directors. The CNPI is not your enemy. The CNPI is not suppose to become the victim of the litigation process you have, if I have well understood, with your previous partners” end of quote.


Similarly to Mister Nihardt, Mister Derambure invites me to settle the matter while forgetting them.


They perfectly know that the partners have ruined me with the complicity of experts and that a legal procedure can not be envisioned, due to its length and its prohibitive cost.


One of Mister Derambure’s associate, acting on behalf of a counsel obtained thru an association phoned me and asked for 25.000 Euros in order to read the file.


He made me clearly understand that due to the slowness of the justice on one side and the fact Finercor was a foreign enterprise on the other side, any legal decision was considered as an impossible mission to achieve. A legal action would force me to disburse a huge amount of money that I do not have.


You get spoiled but they do not hesitate to come to your rescue, trying to reinstate you into your right.


Sordid,  but very clever!


What to do then to prevent an inventor to render the scam public?

Mister Pochart has inadvertently opened the door to this question. I let you judge the subtle and undercover approach


QuoteI do not wish to argue uselessly. Concerning the cost of a legal action, I do not think that the cost of a registered mail to seize the legal power is extravagant” end of quote. 


A counsel requests 25.000 Euros while a registered mail seems to be sufficient.

One is forced to say that it is very surprising.  


Within the mail there was only little information available. I thanked him and requested supplementary information. After five days, he responded.


QuoteThe procedure that I made reference to is contained in the articles L422-11, R422-56 to R422-63. The article R422-58 explains the procedure to be followed for a seizure with a registered mail with acknowledgement. You can consult the code on the following internet site www.legifrance.gouv.fr. Sincerely yours” end of quote.


It might be very tempting indeed, because of the low cost of a registered mail, to use this procedure.


Big error!


For such a procedure has a single effect, to silence you. I will tell you why.


Denounce a crime is a deed, but denounce an already judged crime for which the defendant has been recognized not guilty is considered as a defamation.


Even is the trial is a scam!


In order to understand what I mean I do strongly advise you to read the above mentioned articles to get a clue of the two level justice prevailing in France.


Take the time to read the article L 422-11.


It demonstrates, if need be, how things have been made to replace words. At the third paragraph the words “to the counsel of intellectual property” have been replaced by the word “ defendant


Is there any better way to protect the experts? These laws, voted by lawmakers, supposedly defending your interest are in fact acting against you.


With such laws, industrial property experts, have no chance to be prosecuted.


Indeed, Mister Nihardt for his crimes- abuse of trust, abuse of position, gang robbery, blackmail, and very probably faking and used of faked documents- could be sentenced to several years in prison. In the present case the maximum penalty might be his impossibility to exercise his function, provided that he is condemned by at least five to six judges.


This is illusory, judges being at the same time “juge et partie” In other words they are not independent.


This a denial of justice and a breech of the constitution, specifically its article 6 which says:


Quote” The law is the expression of a general willingness.   All citizens have the right to concur either personally or thru their representatives to its implementation. It must be the same for everybody, either to protect or punish. All citizens, equally placed in front of it, are also equally admissible to all dignities, places and civil employment according to their capabilities and without any other distinction than their virtue and talents” end of quote.


If the law is the same for all of us, why lawmakers have voted a law authorizing industrial property experts to benefit an other law and a different justice.


What you should clearly understand is that 40% of products that are going marketed within the next years to come have not been invented yet.


Knowing additionally that 90% of patents are originating from  private researchers I let you guess how many of them have suffered or will suffer from the scam originated by the French state.


A scam which is valued at hundreds of billions of Euros worldwide.


If Paris is worth a mass, such a sum is worth transgressing laws and researcher rights. All states are involved  into similar scam process.


But the mail exchange scandal does not stop here. What else are you questioning me ?


I quote Mister Pochart supported by Mister Derambure in a mail dated 18 September 2009.


Quote Mr Quéré,

I give a response to your message.

Statutorily, the chamber of discipline should be seized according to the legal conditions of the intellectual property code. To date it is not the case and we are forced to statute according to our own procedural code regarding the mitigation in case of difficulties” unquote


Is there not anything strange in this wording ?


An industrial property expert who is now using the word intellectual property.


A patent, the inventor rights are thus based on the intellectual property code like any author, composer or singer.


Then, why to deposit a patent?


The intellectual property code is a clear thing.

From the very moment you are in the position to prove that you have created a masterwork, the latter belongs to you during your life time and 70 years thereafter.


If an invention is regulated by the intellectual property code, why inventors are supposed to get into trouble to deposit a patent, the life span of which being only valid for 20 years ?


Simply, because it would be then, impossible to spoil an inventor of his rights.


Intellectual property is inviolable and sacred according to the article 17 of the French Constitution.


To be spoiled a creator should first renounce, himself, to its rights.


You will quite easily notice the perverse and vicious aspect of the system, in place in each country, which consists in ruining an inventor due to annual fees, translations and patent writings, to make it abandon his rights


It is the single reason behind the patent deposit.


Under these conditions, any enterprise can appropriate the works of inventors without any financial disbursement.


In addition, the article 84-CBE clearly stipulates that the inventor must deliver all his know-how, so that his invention can be duplicated without his presence or help.

Even worst, is the fact that the entire system is made complicit of criminals without scruples who may resort to slavery, blackmail, threats and worst if needed.


For the criminals there is no risk. Unless found guilty, they are innocent while the victim is paying a high price.


In France, affairs related to industrial property does not open a right to jurisdictional help, but unconstitutional laws protect the industrial property counsel from justice.


The counsel even benefits from a specific ethical code.

Whatever is done, they are not responsible, for they are paid to do it. Mister Pochart quotation.


Do not be mistaken, industrial property experts are the armed arm of a system and generally they do not have to go far to spoil inventors.


The simple act of depositing a patent is enough. They have just to be patient and wait for the inventor to be ruined while trying to protect his rights.


If you are fortunate, dear colleagues and inventors, your invention will not be worth or the system will pump your capital.


Your dear spouse will leave you if you do not know how and when to stop the process.


On the contrary, if your invention is worth billions, crooks, industrials and even some politicians will not wait for the regular process.


The worst case scenario is in front of you.


We speak here about the affair of petrol wells which were set ablaze.


This concerns an invention worth billions of dollars but who finally ruined its developer.


He was kidnapped together with his family.


Persons who decided to scrutinized into the issue became suddenly depressive, some were committing suicide; some others had the ignition key of their vehicle turned into bomb.


If you want to know more, visit please the following internet site




This gentleman has very likely saved many of us.


His invention made possible the extinction of more than thousand of oil wells which emitted millions of tons of carbon dioxide a day.


He gave us some respite before the arrival of the carbon sterilization era.


This gentleman, whose name I will not divulge owing to the respect I have for all the victims of this abject system, I would like to thank him, heart fully. He gave me time to develop my inventions which are our last hope.


But let’s come back to the victims and crooks involved in the system. I have contacted two victims out of a dozen already identified.


I have found one affair in relation with them dating back to 1999. In it, appears the name of Mister Jean-Marie Le Pen , the head of the National Front  political party. Please see the following internet site for more information.




With regard to my inventions, worth hundreds of billions of Euros a year, the situation is fundamentally different for the simple reason that the systemic cupidity of the crooks made them put a grip on the patent before being in the position to deal technically.  

with it.


Being aware that I did not want to be subverted, they deposited a patent with the complicity of a mercenary expert.


The technology I developed being extremely complex they could not move one inch forward .


However, I am paralysed myself and this is not good for the planet.


Here we do not speak only about violating human rights; we speak of a crime against humanity.


Why to use such strong words ?


For two essential reasons.


-The first one. This technology gives us a clean, durable and infinite source of energy, less expensive than coal.


-The second one. It is the only technology to capture the man made carbon dioxide which originates the global warming and leads to the carbon sterilization era.


When it will be time you be will in the position to witness it, it will not take a long time now.


Knowing that the global warming was already responsible for the death of 100.000 persons a year and that the carbon sterilization process threatens any of us, to speak about crime against humanity is entirely justified.


You are not forced to believe what I say. You may think that I am a fool, a true researcher indeed !


This being said, I am not the one who made pass unconstitutional laws and their flow of abuse.


I am not the one who is about to impose a carbon tax to French people.


A tax which will drive people to misery and cost billions when my technology exists. Those behind the law are Mister Sarkozy, our president and Mister Borloo the minister in charge of the environment


Politics and those who made it are really disgusting! Sorry, I am not and can not be hypocritical!


While taking part to researcher forums I uncovered with fear that cases of abuse and threat  are not isolated.


They are ranging from verbal intimidation to threats more serious like burning you alive, kidnapping  your child on the way to home.


All these pressures are intended to make you come to terms with realism. Those who have experienced threats will not speak freely, fearing retaliation.


Gentlemen, researchers, one person in charge of a public service told me one day “if you do not get 100 millions, do not even dare to call me”


Gentlemen, if you do not get this amount, it is useless to envision the deposit of a patent.


If your findings are of no or little value you will end up as a roofless person.


If your invention is worth billions your life, the one of your next of kin could be in danger.


Welcome to the world of researchers that crooks have selected for you.


I have been personally threatened with a single sentence” You know Mister Quéré many people disappear every day” Such a sentence forces you to reflect.


This being said, the crooks I was exposed to have managed to ruin my life so that I have nothing to fear or lose right now.


Disappearance was the term used. Mister Garnier disappeared to an unknown destination.

If I am not given an opportunity to develop my technology, billions of people might also disappear.


Whatever your belief about man made carbon dioxide and carbon sterilization era is of no interest for me. It is the truth.


Our awakening might be very brutal, I can guarantee it.


Researchers of all countries “welcome into the world of industrial protection “


Knowing now about the facts I would like to advise you again depositing patents. It is a scam for you do not need it to protect your rights.


In addition in case of problems, a patent has no value without assets to defend you.

Moreover it is a trick in which human rights are negated under the cover of a façade legacy.


Do not expect any support if you are the victim of crooks. You will be left alone. Journalists close their eyes and turn their head.


You are an inventor, if you deposit a patent, you will be turned, at best, into a cow to be milked.


To the eyes of people you are not considered as a human being.


Good luck to all of you. In front of the carbon dioxide we will need it, greatly.


Mister Jean-Luc Quéré




1. A “tonting” or “tontine”  is a kind of private banking system. It puts together people belonging to the same society. They contribute financially to the bank on a monthly basis. When needed one person can benefit from deposited money.





Man made CO2, the real threat


Not communicate and hide facts is a crime against humanity and a crime against life...



Man made CO2, the real threat...



  1. Scientific generalities.


Carbon dioxide is a carbon anhydride, when dissolved it becomes an acid according to the formula:


CO2 (carbon dioxide) + H2O (water)  (------)  HCO3- (hydrogen carbonate) +H+ (proton)

The chemical balanced reaction is reversible :



The dissolving of CO2 is limited by the solubility constant of CO2 with water, which depends on the water temperature :

  1. Interaction of CO2 on oceans and live before the exploitation of fossil energies



Before the high scale exploitation of fossil energies, for several millions of years, it has been a balance between organism absorbing CO2 (photosynthesis) and those which emitted it


Because of this equilibrium, oceans were playing a regulating role of atmospheric CO2, such as during increasing activities of volcanoes or forest fires. Excess of CO2 was dissolved according to the formula :


CO2 +2H2O   ----------------------------)     HCO3- +H3O+


resulting in a balance between the level of CO2 in the air and the living milieu


Along the same scheme when the absorption was high due to photosynthesis, oceans liberated CO2 according to the formula:


 HCO3- + H3O+  -------------------------)    CO2 + 2 H2O


The two mechanisms created a natural balance of the atmospheric CO2, what the scientist call the carbon cycle.


3. Interaction of man made CO2 on oceans and life together with the exploitation of fossil energies.


What the humanity, in the course of its development, called combustibles were essentially made of atmospheric CO2 stored in the earth under the form of coal and oil. It is, thanks to their exploitation that we have been able to successfully develop. There is nothing to regret.


However it has to be realized that it is their overexploitation which is generating a huge threat and we could possibly pay a big price.


The goal of this chapter is to explain the impact of CO2 on oceans and life.


From the 19th century, date of the beginning of the exploitation of fossil energies, and now one has liberated carbon dioxide which laid down the earth for millions even billions of years.


Up to know we have not suffered from an excess of CO2 release because oceans were able to absorb the excess like a sponge.


The process before the exploitation of fossil energies has been described in the previous paragraph.


The single detrimental factor was the acidification of waters while the atmospheric CO2 has stabilized to very low levels compatible with life on earth.


4. The point of rupture and the foreseeable impact on life.


After more than a century of overexploitation of fossil energies, billions of tons of atmospheric CO2 have been generated and the absorption process thru oceans is giving signs of exhaustion.


If living organisms have demonstrated an admirable adaptability along the current cycle of life, a modification of atmospheric CO2 of such a magnitude could be rapidly fatal. 


Knowing that a single ton of CO2 can render 50.000 cubic metres not breathable and taking into consideration that we emit more that 22 millions of tons of CO2 which dissolves in the oceans ……


Our daily releases if not absorb by the oceans could lead to create 1000 billions of cubic metre of air not breathable……


If oceans cease to store CO2, it is a monstrous volume of CO2 which might be released from oceans. This volume might, thru a rippling effect, amplify the release of CO2 by an increase of green house effect which itself might increase the release of CO2.


If oceans are abandoning us, within months everything might be finished……


The question is not to know whether the point of rupture is going to happen or not, but rather to know whether we be able to cope with it before it happens.


This point of rupture is subordinated to several factors, the most important of which are the increase of temperature and acidification of oceans.


CO2 + 2H2O   (--------------------------------)     HCO3-  + H3O+  


This reaction depends on the solubility constant (Ks), itself in relation with the temperature.


Without being a specialist, we can see very clearly that, on the eve of the CO2 saturation of oceans, the increase of the earth temperature might have a perverse effect of the solubility of gas in the oceans.


The increase of acidity coupled to the temperature of oceans might lead to a move from dissolving CO2 to gaseous CO2; the latter by the green house effect will increase the temperature of waters, contributing to more gaseous CO2.


Once triggered, this process will increase exponentially the level of atmospheric CO2. In some months or years this level might reach a level incompatible with life on earth.


Breathing allows us to both capture the necessary oxygen and release the CO2 the accumulation of it might poison the organism and lead to death.


Thus, an increase of the atmospheric CO2 might render not breathable the air we use and consequently render the life on earth impossible.


This allows us to speak about the entrance to carbon sterilisation era    


Such a sterilisation already occurred 251 millions of years ago. This was a natural process in relation with high volcano activities. Its outcome was the eradication of 70% of land species and 90 to 95% of aquatic species.




I think that the next might be worst. No human being will be left to testify if you are not able to face this catastrophe.


This is a scientific truth. It nobody is speaking of it, it does not change anything.


A great majority of scientists are completely overwhelmed by the complexity of the phenomenon.


Owing to the compartmenting of sciences and the hyper specializing of scientific matters, very few scientists have the necessary know how to interpret multidisciplinary data and consequently be in the position to draw valid conclusions at a global and planetary level.


I am not telling this to scare people but to prevent and prepare for the worst.


This technique exists. I have spent ten years of my life to develop it. It must be implemented before the worst case scenario is happening. After it will be too late and it is not a carbon tax or CO2 reduction which will change anything.


Today it is paralysed by economic and political motives. A White Collar Organized Crime organization has tried to capture it with mafia like methods and the complicity of bodies the role of which is normally to protect creators.


The present situation is hyper critical. If the increase of temperature is severe it represents an infinitesimal part of the phenomenon.


Mr Al Gore recently confirmed during the Copenhagen summit that the ice caps will not exist within five to eight years.




Using a clear wording, halo thermal currents might stop functioning. They play a major role in the thermal repartition of oceans and consequently in the thermal repartition of the planet.


This might hinder thermal exchanges between cold and warm waters, leading to an increase of temperature of equatorial waters and thus a premature release of CO2 trapped by oceans along the equator.


In a nutshell, oceans are threatening not to capture our CO2 emissions but, still much worst, release abruptly billions of tons of CO2 retained during the past century and, consequently accelerates the carbon sterilisation process.


We do not get 5 to 8 years to act; we have 5 to 8 years to succeed or be prepared to die.

Things must be clear for all of us.   


I am a scientist dealing with biochemistry  and biotechnology . I was in charge of a laboratory, equipped with the state of art equipment for a total value of more than one million Euros, where we studied molecular biology or organic chemistry.


My personal researches had led me along unexplored scientific paths where I have acquired a domain of knowledge which goes far beyond current knowledge. This is why I can certify that what I said and published are facts.


A friend brought to my attention, today 12th of January that the cold wave, hitting both Europe and the United States was an abnormal phenomenon, largely opposed to the rhetoric of increased temperature, and that was probably the beginning of what I anticipated.

It is indeed very likely that current cold temperatures might be related to the stopping of halo thermal currents. This might be verified if our leaders have the honesty not to hide anything. Nothing is so obvious, for such an announcement might jeopardize our economic system.

It is also likely that this phenomenon might be transitory. This cold wave might, due to fresh water icing in the artic, incur an inversion of the mechanism and re launch halo thermal currents. This is not very encouraging because, this summer, the ice thawing are likely to stabilize the stopping of currents and contribute to the planetary warming with an immediate consequence, the release of dissolving carbon dioxide and thus the beginning of the carbon sterilization process……

Let’s hope that the weather that we experienced right now is not related to a stopping of the halo thermal currents. Let’s hope too, that our leaders are taken these signs for what they are… a critical threat. Let’s hope that they will cease to cover the criminals who paralyse the unique technique able to invert the warming process and to take into account the man made carbon dioxide in order to save what can be saved.

The French governement is totally aware...


But the carbon dioxide tax/energy climate contribution might authorize the government to  pump  billions of Euros from French citizens into state coffers . An easy deal with no government involvement. This solution might be finally imposed as a working model in November 2010, at the next conference, in Mexico.



This is an a state scandal which might involve  at least one minister and put the French president in a delicate international position...



-Deciding not to develop this technique,  means not stopping  the temperature increase....


-Deciding not to develop this technique, means not combating the man made carbon dessimination...


-Deciding not to develop this technique, means the acceptance of the carbon sterilisation process with no action to stop it...


-Deciding not to develop this technique, means the complicit acceptance of the disappearance of any forme of life on earth...



-Deciding not to develop this technique, means a collective suicide...



Let’s get hope …only a miracle or a lucid view of our rulers  might make a stricking difference but each lost minute can not be recovered and might result in appalling consequences...


You know now...

Mister president Nicolas Sarkozy

Not communicate and hide facts is a crime against humanity and a crime against life...





On the net, 06 November 2009


Dear Mister President



Your willingness to impose a CO2 tax, some months before the Copenhagen summit on

climate change, seems very strange to me. All the more so I presented to your attention, in my correspondence of February 2009 a solution to transform huge quantities of carbon dioxide into inert solid carbonates with, in addition,  hydrogen native. Your cabinet chief, Mr Cédric Goubet replied on your behalf.


 You try to make us believe that the present tax of 17 euros per ton, with a projection of 100 euros in 2020,  will be integrally reimbursed ( please see Sweden where the tax reached a ceiling of more than 100 euros without any compensation) when in fact it will penalize the standard of living of French citizens.


It would have been much more easy and beneficial for you to study my proposal and with the help of your jurists and scientists to promote my solution in front of all carbon dioxide problems faced by the planet, and also to make France a beneficiary, in all domains and with an incalculable level.


Instead of that, those at the top will continue to enrich themselves in opening new markets while using an extraordinary motto:


Buy our clean products and help us save the planet from your pollution!


You see how easy it is, the one who pollutes has to pay

Right now, I do better understand !


This being said, what is the choice given to consumers to pollute less?


What can we get, with our meagre and limited assets, to pollute relatively less?


Within weeks, the conference at Copenhagen will take place and we already know what the outcome might be: nothing but an extremely tiny move because western economies are too much relying on oil!


As to the emerging countries which pollute much less than us, how can you forbid them the right to pollute less?


One live in a formidable era where the misery of some makes the wealth of others.


In fact it would be better to say that the misery of a majority makes the wealth of a minority.


Even if French citizens have not reached the bottom, more and more are forced to learn how to live close to the threshold of poverty. This situation might be the final goal of these big manoeuvres!


But no panic, according to the ideology of our civilization: they are faulty, to anyone his own “shit” and if they are stupid enough to have come to this point, they deserved it, doesn’t it?


But let’s come back to our primary concern, our planet. Both geographic poles are melting progressively. Within 15 to 20 years, eventually less if the phenomenon is speeding up, there will be no ice left resulting in an increase of the oceans level with an immediate consequence, an exodus of billions of people. What the media tend to neglect.


No panic however, this will not happen !


Oceans, already saturated which carbon dioxide, are fully exhausted.

Their acidification, responsible for the death of coral, coupled with an increase of temperatures responsible for the stoppings of halo-thermal currents are two factors which are already blinking red.


All these factors put together will allow oceans to massively release carbon dioxide, thus   triggering the brutal entrance into a new era:


The carbonic sterilisation era.


We have indeed produced, all along the last century, quantities of carbon dioxide, able to kill any kind of evolved live on the earth surface.


All this will not happen for a majority of us, for those who have not understood the phenomenon, oceans will progressively liberate, millions, then billions of tons of carbon dioxide, a toxic gas able to sterilize our planet.


This being said, the NABOs * will be able to invest in the companies listed at the stock market.

The companies which will produce breathing apparatus for the elite and by doing so will continue to amass more and more wealth.


Do not be jealous, even those who will be able to get oxygen will live a horrible life, will suffer from hunger and progressively die.


Welcome in the new NABOs  world, the world of king money! Welcome to the unlimited  liberalism !


All this can be avoided but the clock is ticking.


All this can be avoided Mr President for you have received my mail answered back by you cabinet chief in which I describe how to process carbon dioxide while producing energy.


But, in France, who knows what an independent researcher is suppose to endure when he is trying to surpass the laboratories of enterprises listed at the French stock exchange.


Who knows the extreme destroying power of the administration, professionals, industrials and related categories which are all trying to the best of their possibilities to push him down the sprout in order to annihilate him, rob him from his invention and finally lead him to misery.

Rob and ruin him is not enough, it is also necessary to shut his mouth so that he cannot warn other researchers about the danger facing them.


One are force to admit that if we are inundated of innovations generating billions in income few independent researchers are able to survive, when they are the ones generating  90% of deposed patents.


Search for the error!


Once he has been ruined and morally annihilated, one says he is a fool He is then gagged, and strapped by stupid and dishonest regulations. He is brought in front of a two-speed justice.


Call it rather “injustice” made for the rich and their own satisfaction. Above all, he is left without proper defence Mr President, but in addition he is buried alive.


You have to get to realize, Mr President that even Mr Borloo your representative on the issue does not speak about it. However his name appeared in my affair with the justice. I am wondering why and what he is doing there?


For sure the carbon dioxide tax will make you the saver of the world and will make you exactly correspond to the image of a French rooster, already present in the international media.


How can you dare to look at you in the mirror?


How can you dare to even sleep? 


The situation is extremely severe. We can act and you can act, helping me to develop this technology, focusing on the general interest, French citizens, France, the government, yourself .


This technology might create millions of jobs across the world.


It is in the interest of each and any citizen of the world because it is the only technology having the capacity of inverting the climate change which makes 300.000 dead par year and threatens ultimately the entire world.


It is a miracle that one discovers such a technology on the eve of a major summit.

In front of the threat, is there anybody irresponsible enough not to try to understand and even willing to deliberately burry this promising technology.


Will you Mr President deliberately refuse to support me in front of the face of the world?


Being the very first French citizen are you deliberately endorsing the responsibility of not saving millions of people across the world?


The response is between your hands and I am still waiting for it.


Looking forward to receiving a positive reply from you, I remain sincerely yours.


Jean-Luc Quere


* NABO. This French acronym stands for Notable Agissant en Bande Organisée, which can be roughly translated as White Collar Organized Crime