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On the net, 06 November 2009


Dear Mister President



Your willingness to impose a CO2 tax, some months before the Copenhagen summit on

climate change, seems very strange to me. All the more so I presented to your attention, in my correspondence of February 2009 a solution to transform huge quantities of carbon dioxide into inert solid carbonates with, in addition,  hydrogen native. Your cabinet chief, Mr Cédric Goubet replied on your behalf.


 You try to make us believe that the present tax of 17 euros per ton, with a projection of 100 euros in 2020,  will be integrally reimbursed ( please see Sweden where the tax reached a ceiling of more than 100 euros without any compensation) when in fact it will penalize the standard of living of French citizens.


It would have been much more easy and beneficial for you to study my proposal and with the help of your jurists and scientists to promote my solution in front of all carbon dioxide problems faced by the planet, and also to make France a beneficiary, in all domains and with an incalculable level.


Instead of that, those at the top will continue to enrich themselves in opening new markets while using an extraordinary motto:


Buy our clean products and help us save the planet from your pollution!


You see how easy it is, the one who pollutes has to pay

Right now, I do better understand !


This being said, what is the choice given to consumers to pollute less?


What can we get, with our meagre and limited assets, to pollute relatively less?


Within weeks, the conference at Copenhagen will take place and we already know what the outcome might be: nothing but an extremely tiny move because western economies are too much relying on oil!


As to the emerging countries which pollute much less than us, how can you forbid them the right to pollute less?


One live in a formidable era where the misery of some makes the wealth of others.


In fact it would be better to say that the misery of a majority makes the wealth of a minority.


Even if French citizens have not reached the bottom, more and more are forced to learn how to live close to the threshold of poverty. This situation might be the final goal of these big manoeuvres!


But no panic, according to the ideology of our civilization: they are faulty, to anyone his own “shit” and if they are stupid enough to have come to this point, they deserved it, doesn’t it?


But let’s come back to our primary concern, our planet. Both geographic poles are melting progressively. Within 15 to 20 years, eventually less if the phenomenon is speeding up, there will be no ice left resulting in an increase of the oceans level with an immediate consequence, an exodus of billions of people. What the media tend to neglect.


No panic however, this will not happen !


Oceans, already saturated which carbon dioxide, are fully exhausted.

Their acidification, responsible for the death of coral, coupled with an increase of temperatures responsible for the stoppings of halo-thermal currents are two factors which are already blinking red.


All these factors put together will allow oceans to massively release carbon dioxide, thus   triggering the brutal entrance into a new era:


The carbonic sterilisation era.


We have indeed produced, all along the last century, quantities of carbon dioxide, able to kill any kind of evolved live on the earth surface.


All this will not happen for a majority of us, for those who have not understood the phenomenon, oceans will progressively liberate, millions, then billions of tons of carbon dioxide, a toxic gas able to sterilize our planet.


This being said, the NABOs * will be able to invest in the companies listed at the stock market.

The companies which will produce breathing apparatus for the elite and by doing so will continue to amass more and more wealth.


Do not be jealous, even those who will be able to get oxygen will live a horrible life, will suffer from hunger and progressively die.


Welcome in the new NABOs  world, the world of king money! Welcome to the unlimited  liberalism !


All this can be avoided but the clock is ticking.


All this can be avoided Mr President for you have received my mail answered back by you cabinet chief in which I describe how to process carbon dioxide while producing energy.


But, in France, who knows what an independent researcher is suppose to endure when he is trying to surpass the laboratories of enterprises listed at the French stock exchange.


Who knows the extreme destroying power of the administration, professionals, industrials and related categories which are all trying to the best of their possibilities to push him down the sprout in order to annihilate him, rob him from his invention and finally lead him to misery.

Rob and ruin him is not enough, it is also necessary to shut his mouth so that he cannot warn other researchers about the danger facing them.


One are force to admit that if we are inundated of innovations generating billions in income few independent researchers are able to survive, when they are the ones generating  90% of deposed patents.


Search for the error!


Once he has been ruined and morally annihilated, one says he is a fool He is then gagged, and strapped by stupid and dishonest regulations. He is brought in front of a two-speed justice.


Call it rather “injustice” made for the rich and their own satisfaction. Above all, he is left without proper defence Mr President, but in addition he is buried alive.


You have to get to realize, Mr President that even Mr Borloo your representative on the issue does not speak about it. However his name appeared in my affair with the justice. I am wondering why and what he is doing there?


For sure the carbon dioxide tax will make you the saver of the world and will make you exactly correspond to the image of a French rooster, already present in the international media.


How can you dare to look at you in the mirror?


How can you dare to even sleep? 


The situation is extremely severe. We can act and you can act, helping me to develop this technology, focusing on the general interest, French citizens, France, the government, yourself .


This technology might create millions of jobs across the world.


It is in the interest of each and any citizen of the world because it is the only technology having the capacity of inverting the climate change which makes 300.000 dead par year and threatens ultimately the entire world.


It is a miracle that one discovers such a technology on the eve of a major summit.

In front of the threat, is there anybody irresponsible enough not to try to understand and even willing to deliberately burry this promising technology.


Will you Mr President deliberately refuse to support me in front of the face of the world?


Being the very first French citizen are you deliberately endorsing the responsibility of not saving millions of people across the world?


The response is between your hands and I am still waiting for it.


Looking forward to receiving a positive reply from you, I remain sincerely yours.


Jean-Luc Quere


* NABO. This French acronym stands for Notable Agissant en Bande Organisée, which can be roughly translated as White Collar Organized Crime


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