Man made CO2, the real threat


Not communicate and hide facts is a crime against humanity and a crime against life...



Man made CO2, the real threat...



  1. Scientific generalities.


Carbon dioxide is a carbon anhydride, when dissolved it becomes an acid according to the formula:


CO2 (carbon dioxide) + H2O (water)  (------)  HCO3- (hydrogen carbonate) +H+ (proton)

The chemical balanced reaction is reversible :



The dissolving of CO2 is limited by the solubility constant of CO2 with water, which depends on the water temperature :

  1. Interaction of CO2 on oceans and live before the exploitation of fossil energies



Before the high scale exploitation of fossil energies, for several millions of years, it has been a balance between organism absorbing CO2 (photosynthesis) and those which emitted it


Because of this equilibrium, oceans were playing a regulating role of atmospheric CO2, such as during increasing activities of volcanoes or forest fires. Excess of CO2 was dissolved according to the formula :


CO2 +2H2O   ----------------------------)     HCO3- +H3O+


resulting in a balance between the level of CO2 in the air and the living milieu


Along the same scheme when the absorption was high due to photosynthesis, oceans liberated CO2 according to the formula:


 HCO3- + H3O+  -------------------------)    CO2 + 2 H2O


The two mechanisms created a natural balance of the atmospheric CO2, what the scientist call the carbon cycle.


3. Interaction of man made CO2 on oceans and life together with the exploitation of fossil energies.


What the humanity, in the course of its development, called combustibles were essentially made of atmospheric CO2 stored in the earth under the form of coal and oil. It is, thanks to their exploitation that we have been able to successfully develop. There is nothing to regret.


However it has to be realized that it is their overexploitation which is generating a huge threat and we could possibly pay a big price.


The goal of this chapter is to explain the impact of CO2 on oceans and life.


From the 19th century, date of the beginning of the exploitation of fossil energies, and now one has liberated carbon dioxide which laid down the earth for millions even billions of years.


Up to know we have not suffered from an excess of CO2 release because oceans were able to absorb the excess like a sponge.


The process before the exploitation of fossil energies has been described in the previous paragraph.


The single detrimental factor was the acidification of waters while the atmospheric CO2 has stabilized to very low levels compatible with life on earth.


4. The point of rupture and the foreseeable impact on life.


After more than a century of overexploitation of fossil energies, billions of tons of atmospheric CO2 have been generated and the absorption process thru oceans is giving signs of exhaustion.


If living organisms have demonstrated an admirable adaptability along the current cycle of life, a modification of atmospheric CO2 of such a magnitude could be rapidly fatal. 


Knowing that a single ton of CO2 can render 50.000 cubic metres not breathable and taking into consideration that we emit more that 22 millions of tons of CO2 which dissolves in the oceans ……


Our daily releases if not absorb by the oceans could lead to create 1000 billions of cubic metre of air not breathable……


If oceans cease to store CO2, it is a monstrous volume of CO2 which might be released from oceans. This volume might, thru a rippling effect, amplify the release of CO2 by an increase of green house effect which itself might increase the release of CO2.


If oceans are abandoning us, within months everything might be finished……


The question is not to know whether the point of rupture is going to happen or not, but rather to know whether we be able to cope with it before it happens.


This point of rupture is subordinated to several factors, the most important of which are the increase of temperature and acidification of oceans.


CO2 + 2H2O   (--------------------------------)     HCO3-  + H3O+  


This reaction depends on the solubility constant (Ks), itself in relation with the temperature.


Without being a specialist, we can see very clearly that, on the eve of the CO2 saturation of oceans, the increase of the earth temperature might have a perverse effect of the solubility of gas in the oceans.


The increase of acidity coupled to the temperature of oceans might lead to a move from dissolving CO2 to gaseous CO2; the latter by the green house effect will increase the temperature of waters, contributing to more gaseous CO2.


Once triggered, this process will increase exponentially the level of atmospheric CO2. In some months or years this level might reach a level incompatible with life on earth.


Breathing allows us to both capture the necessary oxygen and release the CO2 the accumulation of it might poison the organism and lead to death.


Thus, an increase of the atmospheric CO2 might render not breathable the air we use and consequently render the life on earth impossible.


This allows us to speak about the entrance to carbon sterilisation era    


Such a sterilisation already occurred 251 millions of years ago. This was a natural process in relation with high volcano activities. Its outcome was the eradication of 70% of land species and 90 to 95% of aquatic species.




I think that the next might be worst. No human being will be left to testify if you are not able to face this catastrophe.


This is a scientific truth. It nobody is speaking of it, it does not change anything.


A great majority of scientists are completely overwhelmed by the complexity of the phenomenon.


Owing to the compartmenting of sciences and the hyper specializing of scientific matters, very few scientists have the necessary know how to interpret multidisciplinary data and consequently be in the position to draw valid conclusions at a global and planetary level.


I am not telling this to scare people but to prevent and prepare for the worst.


This technique exists. I have spent ten years of my life to develop it. It must be implemented before the worst case scenario is happening. After it will be too late and it is not a carbon tax or CO2 reduction which will change anything.


Today it is paralysed by economic and political motives. A White Collar Organized Crime organization has tried to capture it with mafia like methods and the complicity of bodies the role of which is normally to protect creators.


The present situation is hyper critical. If the increase of temperature is severe it represents an infinitesimal part of the phenomenon.


Mr Al Gore recently confirmed during the Copenhagen summit that the ice caps will not exist within five to eight years.




Using a clear wording, halo thermal currents might stop functioning. They play a major role in the thermal repartition of oceans and consequently in the thermal repartition of the planet.


This might hinder thermal exchanges between cold and warm waters, leading to an increase of temperature of equatorial waters and thus a premature release of CO2 trapped by oceans along the equator.


In a nutshell, oceans are threatening not to capture our CO2 emissions but, still much worst, release abruptly billions of tons of CO2 retained during the past century and, consequently accelerates the carbon sterilisation process.


We do not get 5 to 8 years to act; we have 5 to 8 years to succeed or be prepared to die.

Things must be clear for all of us.   


I am a scientist dealing with biochemistry  and biotechnology . I was in charge of a laboratory, equipped with the state of art equipment for a total value of more than one million Euros, where we studied molecular biology or organic chemistry.


My personal researches had led me along unexplored scientific paths where I have acquired a domain of knowledge which goes far beyond current knowledge. This is why I can certify that what I said and published are facts.


A friend brought to my attention, today 12th of January that the cold wave, hitting both Europe and the United States was an abnormal phenomenon, largely opposed to the rhetoric of increased temperature, and that was probably the beginning of what I anticipated.

It is indeed very likely that current cold temperatures might be related to the stopping of halo thermal currents. This might be verified if our leaders have the honesty not to hide anything. Nothing is so obvious, for such an announcement might jeopardize our economic system.

It is also likely that this phenomenon might be transitory. This cold wave might, due to fresh water icing in the artic, incur an inversion of the mechanism and re launch halo thermal currents. This is not very encouraging because, this summer, the ice thawing are likely to stabilize the stopping of currents and contribute to the planetary warming with an immediate consequence, the release of dissolving carbon dioxide and thus the beginning of the carbon sterilization process……

Let’s hope that the weather that we experienced right now is not related to a stopping of the halo thermal currents. Let’s hope too, that our leaders are taken these signs for what they are… a critical threat. Let’s hope that they will cease to cover the criminals who paralyse the unique technique able to invert the warming process and to take into account the man made carbon dioxide in order to save what can be saved.

The French governement is totally aware...


But the carbon dioxide tax/energy climate contribution might authorize the government to  pump  billions of Euros from French citizens into state coffers . An easy deal with no government involvement. This solution might be finally imposed as a working model in November 2010, at the next conference, in Mexico.



This is an a state scandal which might involve  at least one minister and put the French president in a delicate international position...



-Deciding not to develop this technique,  means not stopping  the temperature increase....


-Deciding not to develop this technique, means not combating the man made carbon dessimination...


-Deciding not to develop this technique, means the acceptance of the carbon sterilisation process with no action to stop it...


-Deciding not to develop this technique, means the complicit acceptance of the disappearance of any forme of life on earth...



-Deciding not to develop this technique, means a collective suicide...



Let’s get hope …only a miracle or a lucid view of our rulers  might make a stricking difference but each lost minute can not be recovered and might result in appalling consequences...


You know now...


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